Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Effects of Music

I want to talk about one of my loves, music. Music has always been able to deeply touch my soul. I have had some super hard times in my life where I felt like nothing could fix the way I was feeling. Then I would go to my room and lock myself in or to my car and turn on some music and it would make everything seem alright. Have you ever felt that way?

Music has such an effect on us. It can lift us in times of need but it can also drag us down if we're listening to destructive lyrics. My Mission President Jack R. Christianson has written a book called

" The Power of Music: Purify the Spirit or Pollute the Soul."

In his book he talks about making the decision to listen to good uplifting music. It is SO SO hard in our time today to do that. There is so much music out there with great beats or amazing guitar solos that make us want to listen but then it comes to the lyrics and they are just awful.
I myself have been caught in the trap of listening to music that has an AMAZING beat but talks about horrible things. When I was home I loved listening to the radio and I would usually just listen to the things that came on and never really thought about the lyrics. Now when I have a song in my head I'll sing it and sing the lyrics that I never knew that I had imprinted in my head and will realize as certain words come out of my own mouth that it's a horrible song! Yikes! The music we listen to whether we think so or not has a lasting effect on our brain. We can even remember lyrics to a song that we haven't heard in over a year!

My challenge for you is to listen to the lyrics of the music that you do have. Listen to the lyrics and if they are uplifting then keep them, and put only wholesome things into your mind! You will be blessed, I promise listening! If they aren't then STOP immediately. I promise you that you will feel a joy in your life that you have never experienced, if you keep the spirit there with you while you are listening to music. Don't drive the spirit away by listening to destructive lyrics! You can do it, especially if I can! Be the best you can be and you will be blessed, I promise.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lehi's Dream is Our World Today

I read in an Ensign article a while back about how we can find ourselves in Lehi's Dream and it really impacted me. There is SO much symbolism in the Scriptures. I know that Heavenly Father prompted these men who wrote the scriptures to write certain things so that we today, could relate them to our lives and help better ourselves. I want to touch on a few of those symbols that can really help us in our everyday lives.


found in 1 Nephi Chapter 8 of the Book of Mormon

IRON ROD = The Scriptures

The people were trying their hardest to hold to the rod. If you hold to the rod, then you will have the Spirit to guide and direct you. IMMERSE YOURSELF in the scriptures

GREAT AND SPACIOUS BUILDING = The World and Temptations

We have so much temptation around us from the music we listen to or the movies we watch or the things that we allow ourselves to talk about that aren't appropriate. We need to try our hardest to keep ourselves away from the world (great and spacious building). In Lehi's dream some of the people who were on the path were ashamed because they let the people in the great and spacious building make fun of them. People ARE going to make fun and think that our beliefs are strange because we believe in being wholesome. The world is not teaching us to be wholesome. This is why we need to try our hardest to be in the world but not of it.

PATH = The Commandments

God has given us certain commandments not to make our lives miserable but to help us. Think about the commandment to keep the word of wisdom. When we faithfully keep the word of wisdom our bodies are blessed tremendously! We are healthy and don't make stupid mistakes that we would have if we were under the influence of a harmful substance. Stay on the path on you will be happy. It's a promise that I know to be true personally.

MIST OF DARKNESS = Temptation from Satan

Satan is a jerk! He always seems to tempt us when we are trying to be good. Like the people in Lehi's dream who were trying really hard to hold to the rod. Satan puts a mist of darkness over our eyes to make it hard to see the end result (tree of life). He tempts us to give in to our carnal desires especially if it will hurt us and make us fall off the path. Keep holding onto the rod even when it's hard to see the eternal benefits of what you're doing

TREE OF LIFE = Jesus Christ

When I picture the Tree of Life I think of this huge beautiful white tree that has light beaming from every leaf. Our Savior Jesus Christ is Light! He is the Light. Everything that is good comes from Christ! Follow him and you will be happy. You will have eternal life.

FRUIT ON THE TREE: The Gospel/Love of God

The Lord has given us this fruit (the Gospel) because he LOVES us so much. Think about how much he loves us. He DIED and SUFFERED for us. He wants you to follow the path to him and then to partake of his love. Partake of the fruit. I know that if we do this that we will find eternal happiness. What is better than that? Even if the mist gets us confused and we have a hard time on the path at least we can get right back on it! Hold to the rod! Follow the light! And try not to be ashamed after you HAVE partaken of the fruit. This gospel is real and will be for eternity.