Friday, April 22, 2011

Modern Day Prophets

Have you ever heard a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints talk about a "prophet," and wondered what the heck they were talking about? Well, if you are familiar with the Bible, Moses wrote about a few Prophets in the first book of the Bible in the Old Testament; Genesis. Adam, the first man on the earth was a Prophet. There were quite a few more Prophets throughout the rest of the Old Testament like,

Noah, who built an ark before a huge flood.

Abraham, who was asked by God to sacrifice his only son (but didn't have to in the end)

Moses, who received the 10 Commandments and parted the red sea.

Jesus Christ who was more than just a Prophet, he is our Savior

There has always been a Prophet who is called by God since the world began, why would God stop calling Prophets today? God is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever, This is where Joseph Smith comes in.

He was the NEXT Prophet after Jesus Christ. When Christ lived on the earth, the world obviously wasn't prepared to have a Prophet, they killed their Prophet, our Savior. That's why the apostasy took place. God took his Prophets off of the earth to prepare the earth for 1800 years to have a Prophet again. Joseph Smith was called to be this Prophet who restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ that Christ established and taught while he was on the earth 1800 years after Christ's death. Isn't this AMAZING news? The Church of Jesus Christ is ON THE EARTH RIGHT NOW!!! This is why we have a Prophet. He holds the keys to be able to run this church.

In Amos 3:7 it says:

"Surely the Lord GOD would do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets"

That Prophet that God is revealing his secrets to is here.
Thomas S. Monson
Makes sense to have a prophet today doesn't it? I know that Thomas Spencer Monson is our Prophet of the World today and that he's leading and guiding The Church of Jesus Christ with Jesus Christ at the head. Christ lives.